JB Gen 3

Introducing the next EVolution in Level 2 charging.

We heard you.

With dozens of improvements made to the new generation of electric vehicle charging, the JB3.0 offers a faster, safer, and more convenient charging solution that will last. Even in Canada’s winter. 

Faster charging times

Offer complete charging convenience to your customers with faster service than standard charging stations.


Smarter cable management

Keep your charging spaces clean and organized with our uniquely designed cable management system.


Safer Dual power relays

Take comfort knowing that your customers are getting premium charging service with no risk to their personal safety or their family’s.


Rugged, non-rusting enclosure

Built to withstand the harsh Canadian elements, you can feel confident that your EV charger will look as great as it did when at installation.


Flexible, open network platform

With our open-source network, you have total freedom to choose the charging network that’s right for you.


Future-proof design

Our modular construction allows you to easily upgrade your EV charging stations, keeping you current with EV technology.


Now you have EVerything you need.

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