Introducing the next EVolution in Level 2 charging.

Faster Charging. Smarter Cable Management. Open Network. Meet the Juice Bar Gen 3.

Spark EV Chargers – the perfect EV solution for your business.

With several ways to customize your Spark EV Charger installation, it’s easy to fit our EV charging solutions into your restaurant, retail, or entertainment space.


JB Gen 3

JB Gen 3 Product Sheet (40A)

JB Gen 3 Product Sheet (48A)

JB Gen 3 Product Sheet (80A)

JB Gen 3 Series Package


Seriously quick charging power for you and your customers.

Whether you’re equipping your storefront or offering electric vehicle charging in your parking garage, Level Three EV chargers have the power and features you need to get back on the road fast.


HV160 HV350

HV160 Product Sheet

HV350 Product Sheet

HV350 Configuration & Setup

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